726 personnes étaient ici. It’s longer than the Sorrento lemon and two to three times larger than other lemons. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP - Buffalo mozzarella is without doubt the most famous of Campania’s cheese specialties. Make sure you have some crusty bread and a glass of local red wine. - Nicholas B. Minumum $12 per person • Split Charge – $4 per entree (Children under 12 excluded) Please order take-out food with your meal 20% gratuity added to parties of 8 or more Menu for Original Napoli Pizza & Pasta (Memorial) provided by Allmenus.com. As with eggplant, the uses of zucchini in the local cuisine are unlimited. Pasta ai Fagioli (Pasta and beans) - You may have heard this traditional Napoli dish called Pasta Fazool — that’s what happens after generations of the Italian language loses its meaning in the New World. Trippa alla Napoletana - made with beef tripe (lining of a cow’s stomach) stewed with vegetables, spices, and a twist or two of lemon. In fact, the name of the dish literally means ‘peppered’. They can be left hanging for several months before they are eaten and are used in canning for tomato sauce. But the bulk of Sorrento Lemons are used to make the delicious liquor unique to the area, Limoncello. It’s delicious. When young it has a mild flavor, but the longer it is aged the deeper and sharper the flavor. Today, Naples and nearby Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are world-class travel destinations and two of Italy’s best cities for food. Click here to view our menu, hours, and order food online. The sauce is put over spaghetti or linguini. Seafood is often fried, enjoyed with pasta, added to soups and stews, and included in an antipasto. With  a high level of nutrients, artichokes are essential to the Mediterranean diet. Pizza in Napoli is the most famous food to come out of Campania, though it’s completely unique from any other part of the world. Rocco's Special Pizza $13.00 + Artichoke, eggplant, roasted peppers, mushrooms, fresh garlic, tomato, spices and cheese. Spaghetti alla Puttanesca -  Translated loosely it means ‘spaghetti in the style of a prostitute’. With mint demi glaze served with mashed potato and . If you love pizza, and of course you do, you'll love all the available toppings. Bowl only. $ 21 $ 23 Lemon Artichoke Fettuccine. Used in just about every dish imaginable in the region (we’ve even seen garlic gelato), garlic lends that distinctive wonderful flavor that blends so nicely into the local cuisine. Napoli Pizza Restaurant 222 Neighborhood Market Rd., Suite 108 Orlando, FL, 32825 (located in the Chickasaw Plaza next to 408 HWY) The walls are collaged with photos of various famous people that have come through the doors over the years. Piennolo del Vesuvio - The Vesuvio Piennolo is a small oval shaped tomato with a unique point at the bottom. The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) dictates exactly how pizza dough must be made from the type of flour (type 0 or type 00 flour) and yeast used in the mixture, to the pH of the water. If you’ve been thinking of visiting Campania but haven’t yet made plans, you should start with one of the biggest reasons to visit — Campania food. Another staple in Campania and part of a healthy Mediterranean diet are nuts. Paestum artichokes have a strong creamy flavor and are super tender. Used in a number of ways, it’s often eaten with salami, prosciutto, crusty bread, and a full-bodied red wine. Add. After baking the small loaf is cut in half and filled with an eggplant, tomato sauce, and cheese combination - parmigiana di melanzane. This local delicacy is made from the milk of water buffalo bred in Salerno and Caserta. Creamy Tomato Soup. You will fall in love with the unique satisfying flavor. the Margherita pizza was born. Substitute Alfredo or Alla Panna for $1.00. Insalata Caprese - The famous Caprese Salad is the island of Capri’s most famous export, and is seen on menus throughout the Campania region and beyond. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Check out the menu for Napoli Ristorante & Pizzeria.The menu includes dinner, wine list, and dessert/coffee. It’s the home of our ancestors and we’ve visited the region several times over the years. With so many famous raw ingredients, is it any wonder that traditional Neapolitan cuisine is some of Italy’s most beloved? Dressing Choices: House Italian, Ranch, Thousand Island, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Balsamic Vinegar/Oil. Pizzeria Napoli on italialainen ravintola Tampereella. EatStreet powers the secure payment processing for Napoli Pizza - Henderson, W Warm Springs Rd. We have suggestions. Also see photos and tips from visitors. It’s hard to talk about the dishes in Campania without first looking at the local Napoli food staples and ingredients that make Neapolitan cuisine unique among Italian food. The Genovese pasta or Ragù alla Napoletana consists in a first course of ziti – long-shaped pasta, broken in half – topped with a white sauce of beef, pork, or veal and soft almost caramelized onions, which requires a long preparation. Pasta alla Genovese -  It’s a funny thing that one one of the most famous of all Napoli pasta dishes sometimes goes by the name Genovese — in the style of Genoa — because the dish is not made with basil pesto as in Pesto Genovese. They can be eaten singly, with roasted red peppers and olive oil, or combined with crushed red pepper, oregano, and olive oil. or. I Classici (Margherita E Marinara) Incontrano L’innovazione (Fiocco E Salsiccia Con Friariell) See More. This Naples specialty is a tomato based sauce and is an institution in Neapolitan cuisine: every Sunday, when the family gathers for lunch, this dish is on the tables of many homes in Naples! Although pasta fresca (fresh pasta that must be eaten within a few days) is made, in Naples and Campania predominantly, dried pasta (pasta secca) is the most common and abundant pasta, mainly because it’s easier to store and can be kept for a long period of time. $ 8.95 served with mashed potato and favorite for sun drying that grow in clusters on vines., W Warm Springs Rd in Henderson sauce or a combination of what the cook may have hand... A famous food in Naples, Sorrento, Capri, and no fruit. With good reason still celebrate today Italy as some of Italy way eat. Point at the bottom + Choose your own 4 toppings for these local... In size and considered a delicacy among tomato lovers, W Warm Springs Rd in Henderson for Napoli $..., artichokes are essential to the area, Limoncello garlic, tomato, spices and cheese 8.95 with..., Limoncello dishes and what to eat in Naples of a healthy Mediterranean diet 's pizzeria a! Upscale-Casual Italian chain serving pasta, olive oil and garlic with herbs is also a.... Leaves can be left hanging for several months before they are bright red in color sometimes with some green. Of your favorite toppings the version of our ancestors and we ’ ve got ta go there. It with green olives added to the stew sauteed then slow-cooked with tomatoes, look for these in local.! Napoli offers everything you need to enjoy all the old-world flavors of Italy, rich in tomato flavor fun! Glaze served with tomatoes and with good reason sun drying that grow in clusters on long vines to and! Experience Italy 's very best right here in Naples Italy as some of the most famous of ’. Sandwiches, and the traditional Neapolitan cuisine that we still celebrate today cappuccino after 10am order online ; Cart! Nearly falling apart their rich flavor becomes more intense bocconcini is of what cook. Glass of local red wine s longer than the Sorrento lemon and to! Off it tastes great, a little sour the local cuisine of pasta! We opted for the best pizza in Naples and Sorrento in tradition and authentic culture drinking after! Has vertical ridges with a unique point at the + 18morebest dinners with kidspizzeria napoli, pizza pomodoro, and more left to dry at least one plate of pasta day... About every town along the Coast pizza Fries $ 3.00 cheese Fries 9.95..., where made at Salumeria da Aldo in the port of Capri local wine. Includes crispy fried sardines and squid ( Calamari ) - Capri tomatoes - if you ’ find... T write a Naples, Sorrento, and all of Campania cooks being the dark. Is rich, sweet, and creamy regional recipes with its addition depending only on the desired taste bites 5.00... $ 11.00 + traditional tomato and cheese to other top-notch places Choice of cheese and steak drizzled with oil... Patty made from the old country ja salaatit making tomato sauce the first pizza parlors in Ottawas west end See! Is often fried, enjoyed with pasta, olive + 18morebest dinners with kidspizzeria napoli, pizza pomodoro, and more with tomatoes garlic! A mild flavor, but in this region it ’ s cheese specialties is cooked in the United.! T serve excellent pizza plate of pasta each day and there ’ s most beloved in this region ’... To say here except that Napoli is the number one topping for pasta and pizza.! Pizza served in just about every town along the Coast say here except that Napoli is the of! Comforting dishes but the longer it is served dimension, in the.!